Tandem press brake

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Two WC67Y/WC67K/ZYB series in same specification or different specification(only for ZYB series)are choosen as main machine with double motor linckage synchro-device,
which may work together to process overlong workpiece or operate separately to increase production efficiency. Deflection compensationdevice is fitted too. Mechanic and fluid
servos with mechanic slider are utlized in synchronous device. The stroke of upper beam and the position of rear stopper are regulated quickly by machine and micro-regulated
by hand with electronic display o CNC controllers.

◆Main feature:

Overall welded and processed structure.

Closed loop control mode composed of electric-hydraulic servo valve and measure ruler.

Ensure the highest control precision, bending accuracy and repositioning accuracy are also reach to the highest level.

Back gauge mechanism can be multi-axes controlled.

Integrated hydraulic system decreases the pipe connections, oil leakage, and increases the stability and overall beautifies.

Worktable equipped with hydraulic and mechanical compensation to avoid the deformed upper beam from affecting the quality of the work piece, it is adjusted automatically by the CNC
controller with convenient and accuracy.

CNC controller normally uses Holland DELEM, Italy ESA, Swiss CYBELEC, all with multi-languages.

◆Standard features

BOSCH、HOERBIGER--Hydraulic system by Germany BOSCH / HOERBIGER

Servo drive and motors by Nanjing ESTUN

GIVI--Grating ruler by Germany HEIDENHAIN,Italy GIVI

HIWIN--Ball screw and linear guide by Taiwan HIWIN

SCHNEIDER--Main electrics by French SCHNEIDER

Hydraulic compensation or mechanical compensation.

Manual adjustable front support with linear.

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