leveling and cutting into length line

leveling and cutting into length line

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工艺流程:Technological process


Coil car—–uncoiling—straightening —-shearing machine—–stacking and piling system

结构简述Brief introduction of the line

WILA-2~4X1500数控全自动高速板料开平机组,主要用于钢卷板料校平切断。WILA-2-4X1500 automatic cut to length line , it is used to make the steel coil straighten and cut to length

  1. 液压上料小车Hydraulic entry car


机顶紧筒。The car can move levelly and vertically,

which is convenient for putting the steel coils to the


  • 液压驱动升降,电机驱动水平移动。It is driven

vertically by hydraulic pressure and the level movement is driven by cycloid electromotor.

◆设置一个液压升降油缸,四支平衡导柱,安全平稳。It sets one hydraulic lifting oil

cylinder, four balance guide pillars




到起始位置。Function:  It is used to lift up and down, move forward and back to make it easy to load the coils on decoiler. Hydraulic controls lifting, motor drives moving. The car is controlled on the auxiliary control panel. When the coils on decoiler, the car will return back to the start position. It can also carry back the unfinished coils from decoiler.


  1. 液压悬臂放料架Hydraulic decoiler

◆支撑钢卷及开卷放料,涨缩筒加厚至20mm钢板。Supporting steel rolls and uncoiling, the expand and shrink plant thicken to 20mm.

◆可确保φ480-520钢卷内孔涨缩范围。the coil can ensure the expand range φ480-520 of the coils inner diameter


重15T. It adopts the hydraulic oil cylinder to make the decoiler expandable and



fit to the inner diameter of coils. It is equipped with the cantilever .The coil weight can be up to 15T

◆4KW 电机带动钢卷转动,有正反转功能,

并能张力放卷。4KW motor drive the coils running and can do forward and reverse running as well as do the decoiling with tension.

◆机械结构:钢板与型钢焊接加工而成。Mechanical structure: the process is welded by steel plate and steel.




  1. 四重辊式初校整平机Four fold pre-leveling machine




◆对不平之钢板进行整平并引导钢带正确进入后工序。It makes uneven steels even and guide them to the right following process

◆进料口配置铲板压引料装置,液压驱动。The feed part is equipped with the press and pinch device ,it drive by hydraulic

◆机械构造:由19支整平辊、3组支撑辊、驱动装置、2支夹送辊和机架组成。每支辊轮的两端均以滚针轴承承载传动,均为主动力辊。总共辊数21辊,辊子直径84,辊距95,带有支承辊。It is composed of 19 working rollers, driving device, 2 pinch code rollers, 3 groups of supporting rollers and machine frame. Both sides of each rolling wheel is transmitted by needle pins, all are main driving rollers. Total it is 21 rollers ,the diameter of leveling roller is 84 mm, and the distance of leveling roller is 95mm,it is with supporting rollers


◆支撑辊作用:使整平辊受力均衡,并能减小对整平辊的磨损。the function of supporting roller: make the even rollers receive the balanced force and reduce the friction of the leveling rollers


◆工作辊用电动调整上下间隙,2只手轮控制,以保证整平质量。the working

rollers use electric machine to adjust the upper and lower gap with 2 hand wheel to make sure the even quality.


model: all the independent rollers and gear box are driven by 55kw DC control electromotor machine.


◆自动循环润滑系统Automatic circulating lubrication system



主要参数及结构说明Main parameter

项目Name Parameter and description 备注Remark
主电机功率Motor power 55KW  
矫平温度Level temperature -10~40℃  
机架构件材质Frame material Q235  
工作辊材质Work roller material GCr15 锻件forge piece
工作辊表面硬度Work roller surface hardness HRC55-60 硬化层深3-5mm Hardened depth 3-5mm
支承轮材质Supporting roller material 42Cr 锻件forge piece
支承轮表面硬度surface hardness of supporting roller material HRC52-56 硬化层深3-5mm Hardened depth 3-5mm
辊轮加工过程Roller handling process 原料调质-粗加工-硬化HRC55-60-精加工磨Raw material tempering-rough process-Hardened HRC55-60-finish machining 完全按轴承轴套加工工艺According to the bearing shaft processing technology



  1. 储料活套Loop

◆采用两组电眼以控制整平机与定尺之间的速度缓冲。The pit is equipped with 2 groups of magic eyes to control the speed buffer between decoiler and slitter




◆电眼控制由PLC自动控制。Magic eye is controlled by PLC

◆功能概述:消除前后机组的速度差异,方便侧导位装置纠正跑偏的板料,初始由油缸驱动过渡托板上升,引导板头通过。正常运行时,过渡托板下落,钢板经弧形过渡面下落到地坑储存,地坑内设有光电装置控制高低速调整,保证其一定的储存量。Function : it is used to eliminate the different speed and make the plates which in wrong rail to back the right way. At first, the hydraulic cylinder lift the bridges to pass the steel sheets. when working , the bridges will lift down , the steel will be stored in the pit. There is equipped with the photoelectricity devices to adjust the high or low speed to make sure the certain store quantity in pit.

  1. 侧向定位装置Side guide device

◆利用两边垂直辊轮装置,引导钢带正确进入伺服定尺和剪板机。It uses the vertical rollers of both sides to guide the plates into the cutting machine correctly.

◆两侧导位立辊由两端丝杆调节,宽度范围:500-1250. The guide rollers are adjusted by the rods on both sides . The width range is 500-1250 mm.

◆主要结构及参数说明Main parameter

项目Name 说明Instruction 备注remark
导向方式Guide model 立辊导向vertical edging roller 6件6pieces
导向辊工艺Guide roller technology 淬火精磨Quench and finish grinding  
调节方式Adjustment model 手动调节Adjustment by manual  
主体构件Main part 焊接件,整体时效处理Welding parts, overall aging treatment  





  1. 伺服精校平装置Servo precision straightening machine

◆伺服电机控制,为高速送料与高精度定尺设定装置。It is controlled by servo electromotor and used to regulate for high speed feed and precise length control

◆参数设定及操作皆在控制台操控完成,配置人机接口和可编程数字控制。The operation is done at the control table with programmable control.

◆五辊精矫系统,上2下3排布。Five roller straightening system: up 2 down 3 configuration

◆辊轮加工:原料-调质-粗加工-硬化HRC58-62-精加工研磨Roller handling process: Raw material tempering-rough process-Hardened HRC55-60-finish machining

◆压送定尺辊4支,所有辊子经调质表面包覆聚氨脂经精磨而成。4 roller pressure feeding length, all roller quenched surface coated by polyurethane and fine grinding into

◆驱动装置:15Kw伺服电机经精密减速传动和同步带轮至送料辊。Drive model: 15kw servo motor with precise decelerating transmission and synchronous to transport the belt to feed rollers


  1. 剪板机Cutter

◆剪切方式:液压闸式由下至上剪切,配合送料机来的信号指令,自动裁剪。shear model: cut from up to down hydraulically which is cooperate with the signal direct from the feeder and shear automatically

◆自动制动控制剪切Automatic control the shearing

◆裁剪不同厚度使用间隙调整设计Adopt gap adjusting design to cut the materials

◆四面剪刀,合金钢材质6CrW2Si,热处理后可安全剪切3mm钢板。Four-side cutter , the material is 6CrW2Si,and it can shear 3mm steel plate safely after heat treatment



◆功能概述:配合全线控制进行精确剪切,配合伺服定尺的送料和数控剪切设置,各达到剪切时间无缝配合,达到高速剪切的目的。Function: it can accurate shear coordinated with whole line control, and With the servo feeding and the cutting settings, it can achieve seamless cooperation with the shearing time, and achive the purpose of high-speed shearing.


8.输送机  Transportation table

◆输送皮带:含高拉力纤维输送带,防滑且耐磨Transportation belt: It is High tension fiber conveyor belt,It is skidproof and wearable

◆动力:配合生产线速度,经4Kw调速电机带减速机传动。Drive: cooperate with the line speed and is transmitted by 4KW frequency control motor

◆机械结构:钢板和槽钢焊接组装而成。Mechanical structure: steel plate and steel welding

功能概述:将剪切后的板料输送到接料装置。由于剪切的板料的长度有差异,可以根据时间剪切情况调节输送台的速度。Function overview: It can convey the finished sheets material to the receiving device. Because of the difference in the length of the plate material, it can adjust the speed of the transportation table according to the situation of the shear.


  1. 液压升降工作台 Hydraulic lifting table   

◆长度调整:500-4000mm,出料最大长度4000mm(可根据要求定制)The length of plates can range from 500-4000mm( which can be customized)

◆宽度调整:最小500mm; 最大1250mm. The width can be ranged from 500 to 1250mm




Receivable frame: Hydraulic control automatic lifting,

功能概述:将钢板堆跺,自动控制升降台逐步升降,升降台采用升降机构配合路轨使用,方便出料小车进出,出料方式为后或左右出料。It can control the lifting table up and down automatically to put the sheets, and it set track output, and convey the neat sheets by motor


  1. 气动码料装置Pneumatic stacker device

◆气动拍齐板料,PLC控制自动下降The plates are piled pneumatically and PLC controls the lifting.

◆3个0.75kw电机拖动,调节宽度和长度Three 0.75kw motors drag to adjust the width and the length.

◆气动翻板落料装置It is equipped with the wind device which cooperate with the high pressure fan to prevent the sheets from friction.


  1. 横向出料小车 Exit coil car

◆设置输出轨道,可以保证板料生产的连续性。Set output production lines, to ensure the continuity of production of sheet metal.

◆设置电机输出动力Set the cycloid gear motor output power.

◆功能概述:出料小车与液压升降台配合,实现横向出料,辊道配置电控系统,通过减速传动,低速运送板料,将码齐的板料经路轨输出至机组外,方便包装和搬运钢板Function: Exit coil car is matched with hydraulic lifting table, to achieve horizontal discharging, the track is with electric control system, through the drive-down and low speed shipping, making the neat plate output to the production line by rail, and it is convenient to package and transport the steel


12.气动系统Pneumatic system

◆气动系统是由气源(用户自备)、气源处理元件、电磁阀及相应的管路、气缸等组成。电磁阀等元件采用优质产品。The pneumatic system is composed of the



air power (prepared by the buyer), air source treatment components , solenoid, relevant pipeline and air cylinder, etc. The components are adopted high quality products.

◆技术规格:气源压力:0.5-0.8Mpa,供气量:1立方米/分(压缩状态)Technical parameters: stress of air source: 0.5-0.8Mpa. The capacity: 1m³ /min(compressive state)


  1. 液压系统  Hydraulic stand

◆保证各液压部件的使用。Ensure the using of every hydraulic parts

◆液压系统工作压力6.3-16Mp。The working pressure of the hydraulic system is 6.3-16Mp

◆液压元气件采用国产优质品牌。Hydraulic energy adopt the domestic high-quality brands


  1. 电器系统   Electrical stand

◆标准电柜实现整机电控Standard electric cabinet for electric control

◆全线采用集中控制,主操作台具有长度设定、数字显示、自动计数、高低速调节、手动引料、自动进给、连续剪切、故障报警等功能。采用PLC控制系统对设备进行同一控制和监控,操作系统采用触摸屏控制。The whole line is centralized control.The main operating table has the function of length setting, digital display, automatic counting, high and low speed adjustment, manual feeding, automatic feed, continuous shear, fault alarm and so on.Adopt the servo control mode and PLC control mode , It is controlled by LCD screen with fixed-length cutting by codes and count automatically .


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