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Metal door production line

Sheet Cutting(hydraulic shearing machine)+sheet embossing(hydraulic press)+Sheet bending(press brake)+Hole punching(Power press)

Wheelbarrow production line

sheet cutting(shearing machine)+ wheelbarrow basin pressing(hydraulic press)+ wheelbarrow structure bending(pipe bending machine)+hole punchings(power press)

street light pole and telecom tower production line

Steel Coils → Uncoiling, Slitting, Leveling, Cutting Steel Plate→ Steel Plates Trapezoidal Shearing Plate → Bending Conic or Octagonal Light Pole → Closing and Welding Long Seam → Straightening Poles→ Grinding and Polishing Poles → Tube Bending → Fabricating Small Parts→ Spraying and Painting

kitchen wares production line (ustensils, water sink, pot etc)

1. One set of metal shear machine which can cut 1.5m width of metal sheet 2. One set of 800T hydraulic press machine 3. One set of 630T hydraulic press machine 4. One set of 315T hydraulic press machine 5. One set of hydraulic brake press machine for 1.5~2 meters 6. One set of punching machine 45Tons power 7. One set of punching machine 16Tons power 8. One set of welding facility 9. One set of annealing furnace

Extinguisher cylinder and cabinet production line

1 Extinguisher cylinder head production machine, including steel decoiler, pressing machine and mould.
2 Extinguisher cylinder production machine, including hydraulic deep drawing machine, rolling machine, welding machines, leak testing machine, pressure test machine,trimming machine and powder coating machines.
3 Extinguisher filling machines, including dry powder filling machines, waters based type filling machine, CO2 filling machine and nitrogen filling machine.
4 Extinguisher assembling and packing machines, including valve screwing machine, pressurizing machine, labeling machine, printing machine and packing machine.

5. Extinguisher cabinet production line


Aluminum Foil Food Container Making Machine Line

(1). High ACCURACY Pressure Machine
(2). Aluminum Foil Feeding Machine
(3)Lines-Aluminum foil Container Stacker+ PLC Controller-Simens Made in Germany
(4). Aluminum Scrap Collecting device

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Maanshan WILA CNC Machine Tools Co., Ltd is a modern professional Hi-Tech enterprise, specializing in R&D, manufacturing, marketing of METAL FABRICATION FORMING MACHINES and TOOLINGS.
WILA CNC scopes of supply include:
press brakes,metal shearing machine, hydraulic press, punching machine,iron worker, rolling machine, grooving machine, pipe bending machine,fiber laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine etc.
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