4 pillar hydraulic press machine 400T

4 pillar hydraulic press machine 400T

  • Description

■Four Column structure enjoys outstanding rigidity. Each press is designed through Finite Element Structural Analysis and optimization to assure high strength and rigidity.

■Adopt cartridge valve integrated system characterized by little impact, reliable movement, little leakage and long service life; Enjoy automatic lubrication system for guide rails. (Such technology is introduced from Taiwan.)

■Four columns are made of high strength alloy steel with hard chromium plated surface featuring good wear-resistance..

■The main hydraulic and electric parts adopt brand-name components from Japan, France, Germany and Taiwan, so the machineenjoys high reliable performance.

■Mitsubishi PLC +Touch Screen (HMI) integrated control. There are 3 operation manners, adjustable, manual and semi-automatic. ■Designed with adjustable drawing speed, the machine is applicable for various thickness metalworking and deep drawing.

■The press fully meets CE safety requirements.

■The slide has fast speed and high productive efficiency.

Security system:

  • Protective fence and the safety interlock to ensure the operation safety. Have a movable single-hand pedal switch,
  • The entire equipment totally security (according to EN292:1994, EN60204:1994 and NR12) and defined as Level 4 of safety.
  • Intrinsic hydraulic safety valve block with redundant control and dynamic monitoring carried out by a security interface
  • Right side protection: vertical door, pneumatic actuating, made of aluminium frame and polycarbonate transparate plates.


Deep draw press is applied in production techniques, like deep drawing, stamping, cutting, bending, flanging of metal sheet. Particularly applied in the following industries:

  • Automobile Industry: steel ring, vehicle body, chasis, axle housing, fuel tank, door and many more.
  • Household Appliance Industry: Components for air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, electric cooker etc.
  • Kitchen Ware Industry: stainless steel utensil, gas cylinder, stainless steel sink, cooking bench, etc.
  • Aluminum Cookware.


  1. Optional:
  • Moving Bolster / Die Change Trolley
  • Stamping Dampers for shock proof while stamping
  • Trolley / Moving Bolster for easy die change
  • Cushion Device for anti-shock while stamping
  • Water Cooler / Oil Chiller
  • Mould Hydraulic clamping
  • Air breathing design as per request
  • Accumulators for fast speed and low energy consumption

5. Configuration list:

No. Item Standard MAKE High Standard MAKE
1 PLC Mitsubishi Siemens
2 Motor WanNan/China top brand Siemens / Rexroth
3 Pump Anson/Taiwan, Yuken/Japan Siemens / Rexroth
4 Servo Pump DAIKIN/Japan DAIKIN/Japan
5 Directional Valve Yuken/Japan Atos/Italy, Rexroth
6 Proportional Valve Yuken/Japan Atos/Italy, Rexroth
7 Cartridge Valve Jeou Gang/Taiwan,SUN/USA SUN, Atos, Rexroth
8 Prefill Valve TAI COLN/Taiwan Atos/Italy, Rexroth
9 Electric Units Schneider/France Schneider/France
10 Light Curtain LNTECH with CE Mark LNTECH with CE Mark
11 Touch Screen(HMI) Weinview/Taiwan Siemens
12 Pressure Gauge SKON/Taiwan SKON/Taiwan



6.Technical Specifications:

Seri-al No. Name Unit LVD-500T
1 Press Capacity KN 5000
2 Slide Stroke H2 mm 600
3 Max. Daylight H1 mm 1000
4 Cushion Capacity KN 3150
5 Cushion Stroke mm 250
6 Down Speed mm/sec 350
7 Pressing Speed mm/sec 10÷25
8 Return Speed mm/sec 250
9 Lifting Capacity KN 1000
10 Mould Open Force KN 1300
11 Table Size(LR* FB) A/B mm 1500×1500
12 Cushion Size(LR* FB) mm 1250×1250
14 Worktable Height -G mm 1250
15 Oil Tank Capacity L 500
16 Main motor kw 30


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