J23 series power press machine

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Product introduction:
1. This series press by rigid turn key clutch, simple structure, operation, convenient maintenance, adopt bevel gear transmission, work smoothly. J23-25 type open-type inclinable press will drive gear of the sliding bearing (i.e. copper tile) instead of rolling bearings, transmission gear wear resistance after change, to avoid the gear noise caused by the quick wear of copper tile;
2. J23-35 open type tilting press is unique in the industry, and other domestic manufacturers of 25 tons of machine body basic with 25 tons of pressure gauge body, transmission gear adopts copper tile. But we will redesign fuselage, 35 t fuselage far heavier than 25 t fuselage (airframe strength), at the same time using rolling bearing transmission (gear noise is small), equivalent to a general sense of light 40 t press.
3. J23-80 or more tonnage press adopts pneumatic double balance cylinder structure, balance force fluctuation is small, balance the weight of the slide block and the upper die, to avoid the shaking due to the weight of machine tools. Can prevent transmission gear in the reverse force caused by the impact and noise, can eliminate the connecting rod and the slide block because of brake failure or connecting rod broken, slider falling accident.

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