CNC Fibre Laser Cutting machine

CNC Fibre Laser Cutting machine

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Main parts features

1.Laser sourse:Raycus (China)Model: RFL-C2200

2.Cutting Head: Raytools Model: 111/112

Automatically focal position adjustment;

No-contact height sensor; Horizontal lens


3. Control System  Cypcut(China. Shanghai) Latest version

Recognized  by over  300 domestic and foreign laser companies; Approved by         more  than 100000 clients. Stable operation on nover 20000 sets cutting machine. Able to complete from the design,map and process;

4. Square Guide Rail:


Precise design,easy to install; High rigidity and

overweight load capacity; Low noise,smooth movement.

5. Rack and pinion system:


High hardness;  6H precision; easy to install.

6. Driving System: FUJI  (Japan)

Servo Motor with high precise;  Able to control cutting speed and position; Stable running,lower speed without vibration phenomenon;

7. Reducer:


Helical    gear    replacing previous   spur  gear,lower noice; Back  to  the  gap  below 0.05 are points; Low   pulsating   roration smooth.

8.  Scale valve :  SMC(Japan). Unbounded adjustment of pressure and speed

9. Electrical parts:  Schneider (French) In the field of electricity, it is a brand with global leadership.

10. Cooling System: TONGFEI  CHILLER Double control Double temperature.

Exclusive for Laser machinces; Cooling System :Multiple protection functions,passive alarm terminals and remote control terminals,easy to achieve centralized CNC control and monitoring; System components are used internationally  renowned brands to ensure that the equipment has excellent quality and good reliability.

11. Wire and cable:  DOROU Germany

12.  Oil     Injection System: China.Zhejiang/ After using sometime,Rack&Pinion and

guide rails always need maintained by inject oils.Make sure the machine keep moving

fluently and in good precision.

13. Machine block bed process:  Steel welding and tempering processing.

14. Machine crossbeam: steel welding and tempering processing

15. Processing Center:  NEWAY(Milling).

16. Sponge gear:   Lubrication, dust control

17. Machine  tool table: YUYIA China, high precision

18. oil slot and press block: increased the stability.



WILACNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is produced with efficient and ecological fiber laser technology with the proven reliability and flexibility.

Tough construction with the same solid framework we use for all of WILACNC fiber laser.

User friendly Cypcut Windows CAD/CAM CNC control unit.

Unique features:

Very easy to operate.

Quick and easy installation.

Low investment and operating costs.

The most cost-efficient solution for every requirement.

Flexible beam path and High output power

High optical quality

Up to %300 faster cutting

High wall plug efficiency (>%30)

Copper, brass cutting ability

Advanced Raytools cutting head (with air cross blast).

High performance and high accuracy rack and pinion system.

Programmable high pressure air / Nitrogen gas selection 1.25 bar.

Usage of high-tech boring machines for extreme precision parts:


WILACNC  Fiber laser features a rigid frame for min deflection under the load. The frame steels are German origin and designed using SOLIDWORKS 3D programming and made with quality steel Improved Q235 using the latest technology.


The machine welding is made by welding aparatus and welding robots.

After the welding, we make stress relief process by vibration system.

After the stress relief process machine frame goes to CNC 5 axes machining centers for accuracy.

All reference surfaces and connection holes are machined.

By all this processes machine frame sensivity is protected for a long life time.


Machine parameters:


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