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How to choose a hydraulic press

How to select a hydraulic press ? Tonnage. Is the tonnage required to do a job the same for a hydraulic press as it is for a mechanical press? The answer is yes. There is no real difference. The same formulae are used to determine tonnage. The tooling is usually interchangeable. There may be certain applications such as deep drawing where the full power stroke characteristic of a hydraulic press reduces the tonnage, but there are no known instances where [...]

How to choose a quality power press

Press machines or press brakes are the most important metal shaping tools. With these one can easily bend, cut and form the shapes of various kinds of metals. Different kinds of press machines are available in the market today. There are mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, arbor press, punch press and many more. However when it comes to the bulk metal shaping and forming tasks for industrial requirements is widely preferred. It is actually an advanced and a powerful sheet metal [...]

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